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Gamers like you have permanently dedicated part of their home to their passion and created a hi-tech gaming suite. Often known to others only by your alias, you spend almost two hours a day on-line. Sometimes you play for longer and occasionally stay up late.

Critical High-Definition Audio

You want to enjoy the same high quality of gaming experience at all times, wherever you are. That means capitalising on the high-definition audio and full Dolby 7.1 surround sound that’s on offer with many games and multimedia formats. It also means having a personal audio option for monthly LAN parties, where you can play in a room full of other gamers, and also for late at night in your own den.

Simply Smarter Communications

You therefore need the best-sounding audio equipment for use both at home and away. It has to deliver totally immersive, hi-fi-quality audio, for both gaming and movies. Additionally, you also need a noise-reducing digital microphone that can clearly pick-up and amplify the voice, so you can freely communicate with team members in the thick of the action.

More than Games

Gaming suites are often also used as an office and multimedia theatre. You will stay in touch with friends using voice over IP (VoIP) applications such as Skype and Dolby Axon, and also have a smartphone or mobile to communicate with those not playing online.

Enabling Technologies

Gamers like you have numerous core devices with advanced graphics capabilities running Windows 7. You also have a smartphone, music player and a high-end Dolby 7.1 speaker system. By adopting a GameCom 777 headset, you can benefit from features including 40mm stereo speakers, digital boom microphones and Dolby 7.1 audio technology. The GameCom X-range of headsets and P90 offer similar features for X-Box and Playstation devices. You can also use a BackBeat 903+ for stereo mobile gaming on an iPhone or smart device.

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