Smarter space

A smarter use of places!
As we find ourselves in new and different spaces in which to work and play, the need to hear and be heard clearly becomes increasingly important. The smart headset takes the experience to a new level - enabling people to immerse themselves completely in conversations, relax with music, even 'escape' with a game - in any location of choice, whether it's a quiet cafe, busy airport or noisy bar...

Wherever life takes you
As the headset is a cornerstone of the new, 'smarter living' way, we at Plantronics are witnessing this phenomenon first hand; people making the most of the technology and devices they buy; creating more out of the time they treasure; and finding new places and spaces in which to work and play, while still being connected at all times.

And with a laptop and a Plantronics headset, you can enjoy conversations, films or music at home, in a hotel, a cafe or a bar - in fact, wherever you see a Wi-Fi sign. Connect a Plantronics headset with a laptop and there really is no going back.

When the city is your office
Let WorkSnug show you where to connect

When the city is your office and the options are endless, finding the perfect café or coffee shop to serve as your mobile workspace can be overwhelming, especially if you're in a hurry.

WorkSnug, in association with Plantronics, has launched a groundbreaking application for the iPhone that guides mobile workers to the nearest and best places to connect to the Internet, all by simply holding up their phone. There's no "clicking through" required; WorkSnug uses Augmented Reality so that users can see Wi-Fi hotspots and potential workspaces in their vicinity on screen alongside their real-life surroundings. Finding the perfect mobile office, that also happens to come with the best cappuccino in the city, has never been easier.

Worksnug is available all over the world, wherever Worksnug Community users have written a review. For those without an iPhone, then the app is also available on BlackBerry and soon on Android at

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