Smarter sound

Smarter Sound
With increasingly hectic lifestyles, escaping from the noises of life to make or take a call from any location, can help you strike the right work/life balance. The latest Plantronics headsets produce 'HD' quality sound whether you are talking whilst emailing on a smartphone, or VoIP calling from a tablet PC.
Noise-cancelling technology eliminates unwanted background noise on the move when calling from the car or the corner of a busy street. And detailed design features - such as a perfect balance between battery and boom - make for better sound, with greater comfort.
Whether it's a conversation, gaming or for listening to music, the richest audio experience available is through a Plantronics headset with Digital Signal Processing technology (DSP);
  • Equalisation delivers clear voice and vibrant music the way it's intended to be heard.
  • Noise filtration and noise-cancelling microphones deliver rich-sounding voice, minimizing background noise
  • Echo cancellation significantly diminishes feedback for clearer calls

And the Dolby® Headphone technology in the GameCom 777 simulates a 7.1-channel multi-speaker system.

Whether you are playing the latest First Person Shooter or enjoying your music and DVD collection on your laptop, the Dolby ProLogic IIx provides a high-quality, cinema-style personal surround sound experience.
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