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Talking hands-free has always meant getting more done on the move: calling a friend from the car or reading your text messages whilst chatting to your family. Today, Plantronics headsets work across multiple phones, tablets and PCs, which allows users to carry on talking whilst using applications.

Seamlessly manage your life on the go with useful features such as an iPhone battery meter to monitor headset battery level on-screen and voice alerts announcing remaining talk time, phone connection and more.
And because headsets aren't just for talking - but also for gaming, music and all type of multi-media entertainment - more can be made of downtime as well.

Our headsets are available in a variety of styles to suit how you want to wear yours. They're all lightweight, comfortable and easy to use - with convenient inline controls or controls on the ear pods for easy access, adjustable booms for ideal placement of the microphone and noise-cancelling microphones to enhance speech recognition. The vanishing microphone boom on the GameCom headsets allow the boom to stay hidden until it's needed and our wireless headsets enable freedom to move around.
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