Plantronics offers a range of services and tools to assist you in your marketing activities and to help you promote Plantronics products. Through this support, our aim is to provide you with vital tools to drive incremental headset sales and maximise your profit margins.

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Marketing Activity Form
Plantronics Marketing Activity Form
Multimedia Bank
Here you will find a selection of links to relevant information sites covering specific industry and user advice plus corporate branding and product showcases. Interactive media tools such as banners and videos are also available.
Case studies
Tell us about a successful Plantronics deal and we will work with you to create a dedicated case study.
White papers
It's vital to stay informed about the market and understand industry trends. Here you will find a collection of white papers specific to our industry.
Collateral Builder
This application enables you to customise Plantronics collateral with your logo and contact details. Collateral can be created in 2 different formats; low resolution PDF for screen view or high resolution PDF for printing.
Campaigns and Incentives
Plantronics regularly run promotions, incentives and lead creation campaigns. As one of our valued partners you are invited to participate in these and will be supported by marketing tools and material.