Home-Based Professional

Home workers come in many different varieties, and there is now no single definition of who they are.

For some workers, such as part-time or flexible employees, the home workplace is simply an alternative to the office. For others, such as the ‘smart’ working self-employed, the home serves as a central ‘hub’ while they’re out and about. And for the self-employed creative, media, IT and phone-based service workers, the home is the sole workspace.

Whatever shape it takes, there are many organisational benefits of home working. However, these are often ‘lost in translation,’ and many companies have yet to come to grips with the variety of home workers or to capitalise on the many business opportunities that home working presents.

What is undeniable is that, around the globe, mobile and home working practices are here, and they’re here to stay. The US leads the world in the number of professionals taking up the new way of working. Worldwide, the mobile worker population is to increase to more than 1.19 billion*, or 35% of all workers, and more than half of the Western European workforce will no longer be strictly office-based by 2013. And as Southern European countries shift to more services-based economies, they will also increasingly need to adopt technologies that enable home working.

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