This glossary is designed to help you understand what's behind the assets available to you.

Accessory Guide

A catalogue which provides ordering information for all product accessories.


Print advert templates to promote products

Business Products Guide

A customer facing catalogue detailing all currently available products targetted at business users.

Case Study

A customer story to highlight how our products have benefitted them.

Channel Marketing Guide

A channel document that presents the approved marketing copy, specifications, ordering and shipping information of a product.

Comparison Guide

A guide which compares specifications of multiple products in a range

Compatibility Guide

A comprehensive guide which details the products compatible with softphones and deskphones for each strategic partner


An interactive document which provides the complete sales story for a product or series.


A product focussed email to be used in customer facing communications


An infographic provides a visual representation of facts and figures and can be used to promote specific products

Lifestyle image

Lifestyle imagery featuring a particular product

Positioning Guide

A channel document that helps you to quickly understand, position and sell Plantronics key Enterprise headsets


A presentation to support sales pitches or Thought Leader activities

Product Display Card

A simple card which can be used to accompany products on display at events

Product image / Pack image

Product or packaging imagery

Product Sheet

A customer facing document which promotes a product including benefits, features and technical specification

Quick Reference Guide

A customer facing one page document which shows the available products and their specifications in a category or for a strategic partner

Range Guide

A concise overview leaflet which shows the available products in that category or series

Roll-up Banner

Event display banners

User guide

Instruction guide to use/set-up the product

Web Banner

Product web banner for channel partners to put on internet

White Paper

A detailed white paper providing insights into a particular topic.