Contact Centre Worker

Contact Centre Workers

Every day for you is a whirlwind of conversations where you provide expert help to a steady stream of customers. Each caller might have very different needs, and you are under constant pressure to provide effective, personable service as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Making the Connection

In your role, you have to quickly build a rapport with each new customer, and ask them questions to establish key facts. It’s also part of your job to persuade customers to take action, buy services and perform tasks. To achieve this, you have to be able to hear the caller clearly and also rise above any chatter in the contact centre.

Simply Smarter Communications

You therefore need robust tools that can withstand constant daily use and are comfortable to use for long periods of time. These tools have to be able to reduce background noise, protect against sudden loud sounds and also provide crystal clear audio quality for you and your customers.

Call Escalation

With the rise in complex calls and legislation, you regularly have to escalate calls to colleagues both inside and outside the contact centre. The ability to see who is present and available to take calls makes it much easier for you to connect with others quickly. Being able to make a three way conversation between yourself, an expert and a customer, helps improve your knowledge and help you deliver first call resolution.

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