Social Networker

Connected to the Outside World

As a social networker, you want to be able to listen to music on your laptop or smartphone, or use mobile apps and e-mail during your commute to work, at the gym and back at home. Being within easy reach of friends via telephone is important too, wherever you are. But it can often be difficult to find a quiet space to take calls, as you are often competing with various levels of background noise. Indeed, you would really like to create your own private world that follows you wherever you go.

Simply Smarter Communications

You therefore need lightweight, easy-to-use products that look good, and are tough enough to survive frequent use. They must deliver immersive, hi-fi-quality audio that can drown out any background noise when you are at home, and also clearly pick-up and amplify the spoken voice if you are mobile.

Staying in Touch

And that’s crucial wherever you are, because you want to keep in regular contact with friends wherever they are, using voice over IP (VoIP), FaceBook and instant messaging applications.

Being able to switch seamlessly from social networking to being on a call is very useful!

Enabling Technologies

Social Networkers like you rely on an ever-expanding array of technologies to create your personal world. Typical devices include a laptop, smartphone or tablet, with a variety of operating systems, and a multitude of applications, including texting, e-mail, web browsers and online services. The .Audio995 headset delivers wideband audio through 40mm headphone speakers, and features a noise reducing microphone over a 40-foot wireless range, whilst The stylish BackBeat 903 Bluetooth headphones are wireless and fold up easily, perfect for the gym. The M100 Bluetooth headset enables users to unify calls from two phones in a single device.

M1100 customers enjoy a year of Plantronics Vocalyst service, absolutely FREE. With its advanced speech-to-text features, such as sending emails or listening to text messages, you can stay in contact with friends wherever you are, just by using your voice

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Plus, Plantronics free WorkSnug iPhone application provides an augmented reality view of local Wi-Fi hotspots where you can connect to friends, rating power provision, sound levels and bandwidth speeds, as well as how good the coffee is.

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