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Technology that Means Business

Plantronics’s innovative audio solutions helps you enable organisations to work smarter and be more productive. We provide tools that help you deliver against their business goals.

Comprehensive Support

Plantronics provides unmatched global customer support through our technical assistance contact centres, online knowledge base and our worldwide direct sales force. The combined expertise across all these areas provides the information and advice you need to support your users and ultimately minimize IT helpdesk calls.

Simply Smarter Communications

Plantronics provide tools that enhance business communications. In an age where workforces are becoming ever more widely distributed, people need lightweight equipment that is easy to install and use. They want crystal clear call quality, even when there’s background noise, so they can be as productive as possible and build a strong rapport wherever they are. Plantronics audio solutions work simply, making users’ lives easier and less stressful.

Enabling Technologies

IT relies on many technologies for their organisations, including fixed lines, smartphones, VoIP, desktop computers, laptops and a multitude of different software technologies. The deployment of Plantronics audio solutions within IT infrastructure is quick and painless, and helps employees be more productive with both hands free. Noise cancelling headsets with wideband audio improve call clarity, whatever the levels of background noise, and wireless technology enables users to work smarter from anywhere that suits. Plus, headsets are essential to successfully implementing unified communications, forging a link between multiple devices and on-line presence. Plantronics audio solutions deliver truly unified communications, with simplified call management across multiple devices, and integration with presence and availability features.

Whether you already have experience with a UC audio device deployment or this is your first project, Plantronics can help.

We’ve taken first-hand customer experiences plus lessons learned and created the Plantronics UC Toolkit. Specifically designed for the IT professional, the UC Toolkit will help you conduct a smooth UC audio device deployment, which results in high user adoption.

The Plantronics UC Toolkit is a portfolio of IT best practices, recommendations and off-the-shelf tools aligned with five phases - Trial, Plan, Deploy, Adopt and Evolve – designed to let you leverage the most relevant information for your own UC environment and company goals.

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